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Esophageal Tumor Tissue Array - 70 cases of esophageal cancers of different grades and stages, and 5 cases of normal and

Z7020026 5 slides
EUR 1657.2
Description: Our tissue products are produced by strictly following the IRB ethical standards and procedures and from highest quality tissues. Immediately after collection the tissues are placed in liquid nitrogen and examined by certified pathologists. The thickness of each individual section is ~5um. They are Hematoxylin and Eosin stained and quality tested by immunostaining with anti-beta-actin antibodies. Our tissue products are suitable for various studies on cellular level (RNA localization, Protein expression, etc.) on both normal and pathological cases. It is also an excellent control and educational tool.

World Laboratories manufactures the world academy of biomedivql aciences and technologies reagents distributed by Genprice. The World Academy Of Biomedivql Aciences And Technologies reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact World. Other World products are available in stock. Specificity: World Category: Academy Group: Of Biomedivql

Partner And Localizer of BRCA2 (PALB2) Antibody

80 µl
EUR 343.2

Partner of Y14 and Mago Recombinant Protein

0.05 mg
EUR 852.9
Description: Partner of Y14 and Mago (WIBG) is a key regulator of the Exon Junction Complex (EJC). EJC is a multiprotein complex that associates immediately upstream of the exon-exon junction on mRNAs, is a positional landmarker for the intron exon structure of genes, and directs post-transcriptional processes in the cytoplasm, for instance mRNA export, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay or translation. WIBG is a cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein, it can be excluded from nucleus by Crm1. WIBG as a cooperateing partner of Mago-14, relates with Mago-14 by its N-terminal domain.

Strips of 8 Tubes and Flat Caps

EUR 262.8

Partner And Localizer of BRCA2 (PALB2) Antibody

  • EUR 493.20
  • EUR 710.40
  • EUR 218.40
  • EUR 376.80
  • 100 ul
  • 200 ul
  • 20 ul
  • 50 ul

Hyperplasia and cancer of prostate tissue array

EUR 306
Description: Hyperplasia and cancer of prostate tissue array, including patology grade, TNM and clinical stage, 80 cases/80 cores

25-Dimethyltetrahydrofuran (mix of cis and trans)

EUR 84

Tissue and Cell Extraction and Purification

100 Tests
EUR 763.2

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Academy Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck 500ml

FLA2070 PK6
EUR 28.8

D-Dimer (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095256-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1579.2

Academy Cylinder 10x0.2ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 2.76

Academy Cylinder 25x0.5ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 3.6

Academy Cylinder 50x1ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 3.6

Academy Cylinder 100x1ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 4.8

Academy Cylinder 250x2ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 7.2

Academy Cylinder 500x5ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 10.8

Academy Cylinder 1000x10ml Graduated With Spout

EUR 14.4

Myoglobin (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095254-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1144.8

Hach DR3900 VIS Spectral Photometer With RFID Technology

EUR 8928

Heart-fatty acid-binding protein (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095255-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1914

Creatine Kinase MB (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095253-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1144.8

Interleukin-6 (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095258-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1914

Procalcitonin (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095257-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1429.2

C-Reactive Protein (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095259-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1144.8

Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) (Up-converting Phosphor Technology)

abx095252-80Units 80 Units
EUR 1579.2